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Altnet Launches First-Ever Advertising Fund Dedicated to Sharing P2P Revenue

Million Dollar Advertising Commitments Expected to Grow Rapidly

SHERMAN OAKS, Calif., Feb. 28, 2005 -- Leading online digital entertainment distributor Altnet, a unit of Brilliant Digital Entertainment (OTC Bulletin Board: BDEI), confirmed plans today for a groundbreaking peer-to-peer (P2P) business model: the first-ever online advertising revenue-sharing fund to be split with top independent labels. Among its numerous significant independent label customers, V2, Artemis, Epitaph/Anti, Side One Dummy and Palm, Simmons/Latham, and Koch Media will participate in this fund where they will share the revenue generated from advertising that appears in the user interface of popular Peer to Peer applications.

"Developing an effective revenue-sharing strategy where the P2P community as well as the record labels benefit has always been the primary objective for Altnet," stated Altnet President Lee Jaffe. "Through this advertising fund, top-tier Indie entities and P2P forces have created a working group who, together with Altnet, Kazaa and other P2P application providers, will raise the value of the media being sold inside P2P applications and allow revenues to be shared back to labels through the Altnet pool."

Altnet licensors will share in the initial pool. The fund will be split proportionately based on content licenses issued whether the music content is offered for sale, trial or for free. The fund will initially serve as a catalyst to develop a business model for P2P resembling Radio that is based upon audience segmentation and media performance. The fund is expected to grow considerably larger through participation of advertisers and labels who are seeking innovative marketing for bands and brands using techniques and technologies offered via the Internet.

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